Who We Are?

Where we are based?

Good Thinkers Association (GTA) has evolved into a dynamic organization with a broad portfolio of work that includes assignments in all provinces of Pakistan.

What we do?

Good Thinkers Association (GTA) is involved in the provision and management of technical assistance in areas of project design & management, monitoring & evaluation, decentralization and systems strengthening. Good Thinkers Association (GTA) applies high professional standards in developing sound methodological approaches, for on-time delivery of cost-effective consultancy services and reliable backup services

Who we are?

Good Thinkers Association (GTA) is a social sector development organization working in the field of international development for over seven years. We work with national governments, international development agencies and civil society organizations in developing countries in Pakistan. In addition to the core team of professionals at our headquarters in Pakistan, we have access to a wide variety of qualified consultants who are professionally respected in their specialist fields.

Evaluations, Assessments Design and Management

Good Thinkers Association (GTA) has extensive experience with quantitative and qualitative research surveys. For quantitative surveys which involve hard facts illustrated through surveys and polls, Good Thinkers Association (GTA) uses techniques such as household surveys, baseline surveys and exit-polls to gather information. For qualitative research, Good Thinkers Association (GTA) techniques such as Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), in-depth interviews, case studies and direct observations to explore and understand people’s beliefs, experiences, attitudes, behavior and interactions. As far as quantitative surveys are concerned, Good Thinkers Association (GTA) has the capacity to undertake or to provide support to all stages of study/survey design, implementation, analysis and distribution. These include the overall design of the survey and sampling strategy, as well as designing and piloting questionnaires.

Good Thinkers Association (GTA) also manages and quality fieldwork, usually contracting local survey staff when it has responsibility for survey implementation; Good Thinkers Association (GTA) gives great importance to field quality assurance systems to ensure data quality. It draws on a number of consultants in supporting data entry and data processing.

Capacity Building

Good Thinkers Association (GTA) has the capacity and skills to train social care providers and managers, as well as community members and peer outreach workers, to achieve performance goals. Good Thinkers Association (GTA) has developed and conducted various training’s on poverty reduction, social protection & social cohesion, public health, institutional strengthening, gender reforms and clinical services. The training programs and materials Good Thinkers Association (GTA) produces are evidence-based and culturally targeted. We work to identify the factors that contribute to reach our desired goals and performance and work towards creating solutions to strengthen them and develop targeted training to continue to do so in the future.

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